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February 26, 2010


Good review.

But watch out. Back where you came from, harsh negative reviews could get you sued.

For Libel!


Thanks so much for the link, Abi! Everyone - follow the link in Abi's comment and read this! I'll probably write a blog post about the whole sad situation. I hope EJIL prevails - this is so egregious. Definitely reminds me of Kissinger's quote about academic fights...

This just hit me with an epiphany. Blog post coming soon.

Greetings. So glad to see a review of A Whole New Mind in the INFORMS context. I discovered the book about 4 years ago and it has had a profound impact on my world view. I am going to link in on my BLOG, www.BakerStreetPublishing.com .

thanks for the comment and the link! I appreciate them. I wish A Whole New Mind had been written as a magazine article. That would have been one of the most influential articles of the decade.

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