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I'm Back!

I'm back! Landed at EWR yesterday afternoon, started the academic year with an 8am faculty meeting this morning and a 9:20am lecture to my undergraduates. I'm completely jet-lagged but very happy and with a ton of energy. The summer brought me exciting developments both personally and professionally (some I expected and some I didn't - it's funny how those things go). I hope I'll be able to repeat the experience next year too.

I was in Bethlehem toward the middle of the summer - I saw some of my blog readers at MOPTA - but quite a bit of my time was spent abroad for work and for fun: four weeks in Paris in June (loved that beyond words, including the work part), last week in Germany, mostly in Berlin for ISMP, and I also traveled to Vermont and Colorado. Lots of memories were made. Yes I got lots of work done too!

I loved this "unplugged" thing so much I'm going to try to keep it going at some level during the semester. I guess I'll call it "half-plugged". (That means less Twitter too, at least for the time being, although I didn't say no Twitter at all.) Taking a step back from the online world has really helped me gain clarity of mind and figure out how to move forward in many aspects - I can't recommend it enough. Anyway, I'll share more in the coming weeks.

Regarding the blog, I plan to stick to a weekly schedule, with a new post every Tuesday around noon EST (except this week where there'll be a new post in addition to this one, which doesn't count as a "real" post since I doubt many people are fascinated by my summer). I was able to write some posts in advance so it won't conflict with my new "half-plugged" philosophy. That's the advantage of not writing on breaking-news events.

I'm really excited about the direction things are taking. This is going to be a great year!