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Public health's graph of the day: map of life expectancy in DC area

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Commission to build a healthier America recently published its recommendations in a groundbreaking report that I all encourage you to read. (I had the opportunity to learn about the report thanks to former CMS administrator Mark McClellan's excellent keynote speech at the National Health Policy Conference, which concluded yesterday.)

For today, I just want to show you a stunning city map in the report (you can find other city maps here). The map shows the shocking disparities in life expectancies of babies born to mothers in D.C. and neighboring counties. Just a few miles can make a huge difference due to wildly different socio-economic conditions, and the report advocates the following to decrease disparities:

  • "Invest in the foundations of lifelong physical and mental well-being in our youngest children"
  • "Create communities that foster health-promoting behaviors"
  • "Broaden health care to promote health outside of the medical system"


Staggering, isn't it?


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