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#Analytics 2016: Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection nominations now open!

The Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection (ECC) program, to be held during the INFORMS Analytics 2016 conference in Orlando, FL April 10-12, 2016, is now accepting nominations. Nominations are due March 4, 2016.

Last year we redesigned the program to allow more interactions between participants and also between participants and conference attendees. Innovations that we plan to continue this year include inviting INFORMS leadership to the ECC reception for mingling with participants on Sunday, reserved tables for ECC participants and select conference attendees (invited based on ECC participants' research and work specialties) for Monday's lunch and Tuesday gathering during the coffee hour. 

From the website: 

The Early Career Connection (ECC) is a program of special events designed for professionals who are new to their academic or industry careers. The program facilitates networking and introduces participants to well-established researchers and practitioners for more effective communication. Participants benefit from a discount on registration to the conference, as well as the networking events exclusive to ECC participants. The discounted registration rate is $615.


The mission of ECC is to provide early-career professionals with new perspectives into some of the most critical problems facing industry today, enabling them to broaden their research agendas. The goal is for these analytics and OR leaders of the future to have an opportunity, early in their careers, to apply their outstanding analytical talents to important business problems.

Those nominated and selected for this honor will receive a reduction of the conference registration fee. Awardees are expected to participate fully in the ECC events, as well as the conference sessions and social programs. We also strongly encourage all ECC nominees to submit a paper or poster to the Select Presentations or Poster Presentations (however, this is not a requirement for acceptance to the ECC).

To Nominate an ECC Participant

Please send an email to by March 4, 2016, containing the following information. The nominator must be from the same organization as the nominee. 

blue-checkmark Nominee’s name, email and telephone number

blue-checkmark Nominator’s name, email and telephone number

blue-checkmark Type of degree, year of nominee’s degree, and institute that awarded the degree

blue-checkmark If nominee has a master’s degree, starting date at company

blue-checkmark Organization and department

blue-checkmark Nominee’s position at the organization

blue-checkmark A brief paragraph from the nominator explaining why this person is being nominated (50-150 words)

blue-checkmark A brief paragraph from the nominee describing their relevant research or analytics/OR project (50-150 words)


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