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September 21, 2008


Today the blog had its 20,000th view since I started writing a year and a half ago. It also has a 30-day average of 54 views a day. Thanks for reading, everyone!

One of my hobbies is to try to find a random collection of words that, when entered into Google, lead me to a specific blog. For instance, you may be happy to know that anyone interested in looking for a "cocktail party" for their "AP class" are likely to stumble on your website! This hobby is only fun, though, when you know the blogger occasionally refers to the blog statistics.

There is one query in the Typepad stats about "cocktail party" and "AP physics", leading to my post "Education in Pennsylvania". For some reason, I doubt it's skewing my 20,000 views (20,058 now)...

But maybe the Typepad stats have a glitch and all my traffic is really only due to one very bored person, hitting "refresh" 50 times a day every day for a year and a half. Who would have thought! :)

I wasn't going to say it, but another hobby of mine was to mess up people's counters! :)
Actually, that energy would be better spent clicking on google ads for companies I dislike, so unless you start advertising, you shouldn't worry about me messing up you stats!

Jim!! And I thought I owed most of the traffic not coming from other sites to my former student Ilya. (Hi Ilya!)

Thankfully, today I'm getting traffic from globalhighered, so that definitely makes me feel better about your shenanigans. :) Perfect timing.

Hi ^_^. Yep, I check up whenever I can because who knows when something interesting might pop up!

Thanks again for the post above, and the comments on our entry [about KAUST at globalhighered.wordpress.com], Aurelie! I agree - it will be interesting to see how this unfolds...

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