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October 18, 2008


In Singapore, fare is based on distance only, AFAIK. In light trains, you can purchase a one trip card by specifying your destination. If you exit somewhere else, just go to the "fish tank" to pay the difference (no partial refund I am afraid :) to a staff. Buses can be paid by cash.
Alternatively, and actually the better option for heavy users of either or both train and bus, is to use a stored-value card (EZlink). Beyond the speed of transaction, you also gain like a 10% discount on the regular fare, and the card even lets you get a rebate on the next trip if it starts soon enough, eg transfer from train to bus.
A single trip costs between 0.60SGD and 2.50SGD in my experience.

One more issue with metro at DC is that a family cannot share tickets. Each traveler has to use her own ticket. In NY, one can buy a single ticket and swipe it again and again to get as many people in as possible. Not so in DC.

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