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May 12, 2009


As in a numb3rs episode...

"Ooh, math fight!"

But other than that, it seems this isn't the first time I've heard of professors going all nutso over credit and looking good. I remember in Emanuel Derman's book about how T.D. Lee and the other guy that won the nobel with him eventually split on very bad terms due to bickering over credit.

As for Grisha Perelman...oy vey...it seems us Russians are crazy smart but always have quirks about us >.<...of course, when Jim Simons was asked about it, he said "I'd never have turned that down. In fact, I don't turn down anything!"

I had a laugh at that one.

Dear Aurelie,

after having read your post I dug deeper into it and found the site http://www.doctoryau.com/ . You might be interested in the "letter to the New Yorker" regarding this article.

All the best.

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