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June 27, 2009


"decades of outsourcing manufacturing has left US industry without the means to invent the next generation of high-tech products that are key to rebuilding its economy."

For decades the hi-tech industry relied directly on blue collar jobs for their very reason for being. A few examples: In the textile industry hi-tech machinery was created to replace the labor intensive operations. For those who hand stacked pallets, computer driven auto-palletizers where created. On the auto assembly lines robo welding units where invented. In numerous warehouses throughout the country blue collar labor was replaced with automated order selectors.

Indeed while much of the manual labor was reduced by automation, the fact is many jobs were created to design, build & service these. Sadly due to short sighted "Free Trade" policies like those of NAFTA, SAFTA, CAFTA, China, etc. companies simply took these overseas to poor countries where basically slave labor exists. Places like Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.

As a result we no longer need high skilled individuals to design, build and maintain equipment for manufacturing plants that no longer exist in this country. Thereby not only eliminating the very backbone blue collar working class, but the equipment required to support such operations. According to the 2004 census, about only 1/3 of our Americans have a college degree. So not only have we displaced jobs for the vast majority of unskilled American workers, but those with higher education who's future technological innovations depended on those very factories in which they labored.

I've been insisting for years trade policy reviews. Ones that would replace "FREE TRADE" with "FAIR TRADE". Alas after all these years we see the results of these poor polices in Flint, Mich., Bethlehem (Steel), and 100's of cities just like them. As a result of these poor policies we now find ourselves racking up huge government deficits and inconceivable trillion dollar international loans for bailouts/stimulus while manufacturing companies continue to abandon American soil.

I blogged about this very thing back in February- Is Free Trade Protectionism? There is also a link I posted to a '60 Minutes' program from Feb. 15th concerning the impact this has made on one aspect of American industry. That of NUCOR Steel (Nucor is the biggest steel maker in the United States, with 18 plants all across the country).

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