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March 31, 2018


This may not be (entirely) Grammarly's doing. YouTube is a Google property, and I'm pretty sure Google decides which ads you see. They try to do this using clever analytics about your interests, of course, and sometimes they get a bit fixated. I've had Google show me the same add for a product multiple times (consecutively), even after I've already bought it. Perhaps Grammarly should consider changing up their ads periodically, but Google should mix things up better.

Thank you for your comment! If Google thinks I'm interested in Grammarly, it is sadly mistaken. And those ads show up when I'm home (I don't watch videos from work (!)), so the only way it'd figure out I'm affiliated with a university would be because I sometimes have my email or the course management software (both sites ending in .edu) open in the same web browser.

All that talk about artificial intelligence, and Google can't even tell it's been showing me the same ad I don't care about dozens and dozens of times.

You're right that Grammarly may not be aware that its marketing budget is being used to show the same one ad to the same customers again and again. It must still represent a sizable amount of money and I'm impressed they found the cash given that they operate on a freemium business model. It's hard not to get the impression they are throwing money at advertising to generate a critical mass of users, and it's even worse if their money is being wasted on the same viewers, and viewers like me who don't even want Grammarly.

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