Look what I found! aka some shameless self-promotion

So I was looking through some old boxes and look what I found! My Lehigh teaching evaluations! (At least for ISE 316: Optimization Models and Applications, a senior elective following the "introduction to operations research" course. I also have those for ISE 447: Financial Optimization somewhere but finding both on the same day would have been too much of a miracle.) Here you go

And here are some screenshots for those of you who don't like clicking on links. 










When I moved to Texas I got rid of a lot of stuff Pennsylvania-related stuff but I did keep the paper evaluations that had nice comments on them, as a memory of the impact I got to have during those years and the fact that students recognized the work I put into the course. (I don't have that kind of impact now, so I am definitely glad I brought this stack of papers to Texas with me.)





Although I wish I had won a teaching award back in the days to reflect that, I realize the odds I was up against, since I only taught seniors and above when others were teaching students earlier on, so the entire group of undergraduate majors would know them and only a third of them would know me when voting time came around.





Also, here are my summary evaluations for ISE 316. 





This may be the summer I finally make a textbook out of my ISE 316 notes! I have been thinking about it for years, but I might actually do something about it this time.


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