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June 13, 2011



How is your novel coming? I was doing a little google research on Jean Guéhenno and came across your blog. I would love to find his "Journal des années noires" in English. Or I could improve my French.

Thank you for sharing your research. Have you seen "French and Germans Germans and French" by Richard Cobb? That's what led me to Guéhenno's diary.

Keep us posted.


Thanks for the comment, LRJ! The novel is going well - I am in the final edits, which always take longer than expected. (I have revised some chapters five times by now. Obviously I would prefer to have found the right words the first time around! The "speed" with which I revise can be discouraging sometimes, but at least I am happy with the final results.)

Some of the books I found during my research have not received the attention they deserve, I think. For every "And the show went on" there is a "Journal des Annees Noires" or a "The Collaborator" (about Robert Brasillach, I'll write a post about that book soon). Thanks a lot for the Richard Cobb recommendation! I didn't know about the book but I'll make sure to read it.

By the way, I enjoyed Guehenno's book, but it is a pity it only gives a limited picture of his life during the Occupation, as he was worried it would fall under the wrong hands. I wish he had completed it after the war with some account of his underground activities.

Thanks again for commenting!

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