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September 08, 2011


Ilya ^_^

Publishing houses are going the way of the dodo. Cmon Prof. Thiele...you're young enough to be considered a millennial, and if not that, then at least young enough to be a surrogate sister to a millennial. On the interwebz, shelf space is [booming voice]INFINITE![/booming voice]

If the novel isn't selling, self-publish on your own website =). Unless you're legitimately trying to earn a living off of writing novels (may make for some nice residual cash but the expectation by far does not justify it), then isn't the entire point just to find an audience?

Who cares if publishing houses have "credibility"? What exactly makes them credible? Some coffee-sipping bozos whose careers are centered around judging a book by its

A) cover
B) first 10 pages
C) prologue
D) first 20% of the book
E) first half of the book
F) the entire manuscript


I believe Stephen King has an anecdote about an entire wall filled with rejection slips. What does that say? That the vast majority of people out there are *IDIOTS*. The only reason they existed was that the space on the shelves at Borders (oh whatever happened to them? Zzzzz...) were limited. We no longer have artificial scarcity. Cast your stone and let your target audience be your critics, not these silly agents.


Hi Ilya,
you only get to bash the book industry once all the agents have failed to recognize my book's brilliance :) Until then, be nice. Americans or people who haven't worked with you face-to-face might not appreciate the subtleties in your trademark way of communicating in writing...
How are you? How is the new job?

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